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Nikki Hayata




Night time by Pekobell

Nikki lost her arm from 'attempting' human transmutation to bring back her grandmother. (She was young when she tried it. She also failed because she missed out an ingredient). She heard from a bunch of school kids, that it actually worked, which took her attention. Nikki's grandmother was always there with her, Nikki payed for an automail operation with her grandmother's money, which was given to her as inheritance. Her automail engineer is her grandmother's friend, Max.

Nikki knew she had a choice whether to get the automail or not, but she decided to, so she could join the military and fight mainly to protect the friends and family she had left, and to get access to forbidden books and such, when she lost her arm, it obviously left a scar. Besides having a scar, Nikki has a birthmark on her the back of her left shoulder blade.

Even though she is alone, Nikki still lives with her cat, Yuu. Yuu' has black furr, and blue eyes, and white paws.

Her arm eventually was given to one of the Homunculi. (It was her right arm that got taken, even though she's right handed).

Nikki lives in a house, somewhere in the fields, quite far from their regular town of Resembool. Nikki met Ed and Al from being assigned a mission with them.

Nikki's parents were in the Ishval war, which they weren't found, but soon enough, they found out they were dead, Nikki's dad was fighting, while Nikki's mum was helping with medical. Nikki was around eight years old when she learned that they passed. Winry's and Nikki's parents both went to the Ishval war together, even though they hardly knew each other.

Around the age of fifteen, Nikki ,Edward and Alphonse always got pushed onto missions together, so soon enough they somehow joined as a team. It also helped Nikki to find answers about her parents. Ed and Alphonse taught Nikki all they know, and they tend to spar sometimes. Ed and Nikki didn't get along at first.

Nikki is a state alchemist named 'The Metal Heart Alchemist'. for the strength in her heart. Nikki does carry around the state alchemist watch which amplifies her alchemy. Nikki is afraid of the dark, from the experience at the 'Gate'. Nikki slowly advanced in her alchemy, she was slow at catching on now and again.

The Homunculi wanted to use Nikki for the stone, to have a spare 'Sacrifice', and they also knew Nikki would be trouble, and interfere. They needed a back-up so there plan won't be ruined. Later on, they didn't need to use Nikki, but when Ed, Al and the others got taken, she clung to Ed, which got her involved. If Nikki attempted to quit the Military, Fuhrer Bradly would bring Nikki's parents back, as Homucli to fight against her, and to show the sins she had committed.



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Group Info

This is a group for Nikki Hayata. Anything about her and be told and posted here!

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Hello and Welcome to the Nikki Fan Club!! Those who like :iconmetalheartalchemist: and her character Nikki!!

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    1: Be a Fan! Enjoy yourself and submit and chat with other members. 2: No bashing! We want a friendly environment here! That includes bashing about Cannon x OC. 3: Please only Submit clean art to the gallery kissing, etc is fine anything personal must have a mature warning! 4: No Spamming! It only clutters up the place. 5: HAVE FUN!! ^^

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